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The iLS Signal

The Unipart Dorman Integrated Lightweight Signal (iLS) that combines the base, post and signal head elements into a single lightweight structure.The iLS incorporates patented Dorman technology and is a complete re- imagining of a signal – from the ground up. The iLS range adapts easily to any project by virtue of its wide range of base, post, lamp proving and aspect display combinations. The Unipart Dorman iLS meets the challenges faced by a continuous demand to increase efficiency and safety whilst driving down cost.This is achieved by using materials not previously seen in railway signalling which make it light enough to dispense with expensive structures but strong enough to withstand the harshest of conditions. Our thoughtful approach to redesigning the structure has created a very stable structure which is lightweight and easily lifted and handled.

1 • Signalling signalling

Features and benefits of the Unipart Dorman iLS range: l Install, sight, connect and functionally check in minutes l Simple, uncluttered signal structure l Maintainable from ground level which reduces working at height to zero

Plug coupled connectivity


l Lower costs through reduced components and faster installation

Improved performance Reduced on-site testing Self-cleaning signal lens Robust, lightweight post





l Multiple signal head configurations l Reduction in Foundation Size l Can be installed without the use of specialised plant l Uniformity of aspect presentation to the driver’s eye l Can be supplied inVFC/low power versions and 2 beam angles for medium range

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