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The Classic Signal

Unipart Dorman are the UK’s largest supplier of LED signals to the infrastructure market and a range and rolling stock.We offer innovative, highly reliable LED lighting and signalling solutions which provide safer and improved network performance delivering reduced whole life costs. Our expertise has led to the development of a range of products for use in applications across the UK rail network. Unipart Dorman offers LED products approved by the UK infrastructure owner, Network Rail, ranging from Colour Light Signals and Junction Route Indicators to equipment for use on Railway Level crossings. The Classic Signal is the traditional Unipart Dorman LED signal range that has been specifically designed to replace the legacy filament range of signalling.The range has been the mainstay of signalling maintenance and projects for the last 10 years and includes a full range for signalling and indication. of marker and tail lamps for traction

1 • Signalling signalling

Features and benefits of the Unipart Dorman Classic Signal range:

Low maintenance


High reliability record


Maintainable from the rear


l Flexibility in design for compatibility with other signals With over 90,000 signal units currently installed on the UK infrastructure, we have the skills and the expertise to deliver exceptional new designs. Standardisation is simplification… Because everything is standardised, a signal can be supplied as a complete integrated unit incorporating the required aspects in a single structure.

For further information on the Unipart Dorman Signalling range email , or call 01704 518000 . You can also visit our website at To see a comparison of the Unipart Dorman signal types refer to the table on page 96.

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