Infrastructure Catalogue


Unipart Rail Infrastructure Catalogue

R085/002442 Repair of Relay Timer 3S 1F 22-29V WX* R085/002445 Repair of Relay Timer 5S 1F 22-29V WY* R085/002450 Repair of Relay Timer 6S 1F 22-29V XY* R085/002455 Repair of Relay Timer 7/5S 22-29V WZ* R085/002470 Repair of Relay 4FB Flasher 24V 80C/M#* R085/002480 Repair of Relay Power Off 0/1-9A 0/3OH R088/030438 Repair of SJ807, Sub Minature, DC R088/030806 Repair of Style B1 50V 2F 1B and Thermal 13000 Ohms AC. Protected, AEI-GRS Time Element R088/030868 Repair of SJ8201, Sub Minature, DC R088/030870 Repair of SJ8281, Sub Minature, DC R088/030915 SJ8211, Sub Minature, DC (Repair Only) R088/030944 Repair of SJ8221, Sub Minature, DC R088/034302 Relay 2X 6F2B, 50V, ZN562, Pin Code 018. Repair only. R088/044017 Line, Miniature, Plug-In, Slow Pick Up, DC, 50V, 8F 2B, “To Have Araldite Nu (Dyed Blue) Contact Stack Spacers” (Repair only) R088/044021 Relay 8F2B 24V Neutral PNI# (Repair only) R088/044023 Neutral Line, Miniature, Plug-In, DC, Ordinary Acting, Style PN1, 24V, 6F 4B, “To Have Araldite Nu (Dyed Blue) Contact Stack Spacers” (Repair only) R088/044028 Line, Polarised, Miniature, Plug-In, DC, 50V, 6F 3B, N & R, AC Immune, Style PWK1BA, “To Have Araldite Nu (Dyed Blue) Contact Stack Spacers” (Repair only) R088/044029 Relay, Miniature, Plug-In, DC, Points Araldite Nu (Dyed Blue) Contact Stack Spacers”/ (Repair only) R088/044100 Neutral Line, Ordinary Acting, Miniature, Plug-In, DC, 50V, 8F 8B, Double Wound, 875/875 Ohm, Style AS, Spec 193779 (Repair only) R088/044127 Miniature, Plug-In DC, BR Type, Lamp Proving, 0.23amps, 8 Front 4 Back, 50 Volt, Pin Code 257 (Repair only) R088/044179 Relay, PC 015, 12N-4R, 50V DC, Line Polarised, Mag Stick, Style ZJ561. (Repair Only) R088/044227 Relay 6FB 24V Style J/66 #* (Repair only) R088/044228 Neutral Line, Ordinary Acting, Sub Miniature, Plug-In, DC, 6F/6B, 50V, Style J/64 (Repair only) R088/044318 Plug-In, Polarised, Ppwri, 2F(HD) 2F 2, 50V, (Repair only) R088/044322 Miniature Plug-In DC, BR Type, 4F 2B, 0.9 Amps, Pin Code 089, Style QN3 (Repair only) R088/044323 Neutral Line, Miniature, Plug-In, DC, Br Type, Twin, 50V, 4V 4B R/H 4 4B L/H, Reg Code 058 (Repair only) R088/044333 Magnetically Latched, SGE Style ZG561, 50V, 12F/4B, Pin Code 011 (Repair only) R088/044334 Miniature Plug-In, DC Neutral Line, Ordinary Acting, Twin, 50V 4F4B, L & Rh, Pin Code 292 (Repair only) R088/044411 Miniature Plug-In, DC Neutral Line, Ordinary Acting, Twin, 50V 4F4B, L & RH, Pin Code 292 (Repair only) R088/044597 Repair of PTT1 - 2F-1B, 50vDC, 30- 120 Secs, Spec 3 Out Of Correspondence,Style PR23, 50V, 2F 1B 1F, 3 - 6 Secs, “To Have Araldite Nu (Dyed Blue) Contact Stack Spacers”. (Repair Only) R088/044032 PSR42, Line, Miniature, Plug-In, DC, Slow To Release & Slow Acting, 4F 2B, 0/16A, Double Width, “To Have

0088/044622 Relay, Contactor, Lamp Proving, 1 Amp, 4F, (For Junction Indicator), Style QE CX3, PC 065, (Repair And Return Only). 0088/044625 Lamp Proving, Miniature, Plug-In, Style 32M17, 8F 4B, (Searchlight Signal), 0.84A, Pin Code 152. 0088/044626 Relay 2F2B LP 0.62A PC067#* 0088/044627 Relay, Contactor, Miniature, Plug-In, DC, BR Type, DC Neutral Lamp Proving, 4F 2B, 0.285A, Slow Release, 200m/Secs, Reg Code 087. 0088/044669 PN1 - 8F-2B, 50V DC, Neutral Line, Ord Acting To Mod State 3 0088/044678 Miniature Plug-In, DC-BR Type, line 0088/044679 Relay 12F4B MINI 50V PC263#* 0088/044680 Miniature Plug-In Relay, DC-BR Type, Line Slow Release and Action, 8 Front 4 Back, 50V, Style ZS 360, Slow Acting, Pin Code 263 0088/044681 Relay ZS5613/A 50V12F4BPC207#* 0088/044684 Relay 8F4B 50V QNA2 PC6027#* 0088/044687 Relay, 50V DC, 6 Front 2 Back X2, Twin Coil,Pin Code 301 0088/044688 Relay 4F3BD MIN 50V PC296# 0088/044690 Relay 2X4F4B MIN PC338# 0088/044691 Relay, Miniature Plug-In, DC, Neutral, Line, 6F 2B Twin, 50V DC, Pin Code 059. (Repair Only) 0088/047062 Overload, Miniature Plug-In, 110V, 1B, N&R style, ZX 201ZA 0088/047075 Relay, PC 6062, Relay Unit, 16 Diodes, 50V, (For Westpac MK11), Style QR9. 0088/047076 Unit Plug-In 1A Pin 6045 0088/047077 Unit, Relay, Lamp Proving, Miniature, Plug-In, Style QR10 D, ECR1 2F 1B, 1.3A, ECR2 3A, Pin Code 6043 0088/047080 Miniature Plug-In, DC, Style ZX 154, Pin code 142 0088/047260 Miniature Plug-In, DC, Feed Type, Lamp proving, 27.8 OHMS, Pin code 142 0088/047265 Relay, PC 144, 4 x 50V 2200 Ohms 2C/O, Style QR15. 0088/047266 Unit, Relay, 4 X 50V, 2500 Ohms, 3F, (Twin Contacts), Pin Code 145 Style QR15. 0088/047268 Relay Reset Unit, Miniature Plug-In 0088/047286 Relay 2X3F3B 50V QR3 PC6058* 0088/047288 Unit Invertor 24/50V 25W PC186 0088/047289 Unit Invertor 12/50V 25W PC106 0088/074236 Relay 8F8B 110/50V PC208#* R082/214264 Repair of Relay Light Filament R082/214279 Repair of Relay Key Switch 500 OHM 2 c/o 2M R082/214280 Repair of Relay Keyswitch 0.11 OHM 1HD 1M R082/214282 Repair of Relay PC005 12F 4B 50V R085/000410 Relay, PC 003, 12F-4B, 50V DC, Neutral Line, Single Wound, BR930. (Repair Only) R085/000730 Relay, PC 024 50v 8F-8B Mini R085/000880 Relay, PC 028, 8F-8B, 50V DC, Neutral Line, Biased, AC Immune, BR932A. (Repair Only) R085/001020 Relay, PC 063, 8F-4B, 50V DC, Neutral Line, AC Immune, Slow Release, BR934A. (Repair Only) R085/001455 Relay, PC 191, 1F-1B, 50V DC, QMT2, Synchronous Motor Timer (2-50 Secs), BR947. (Repair Only) R085/001860 Relay, PC 017, 4F-4B LH&RH, 50V DC, Twin Line, Biased, Neutral, AC Immune, BR961. (Repair Only) R085/001970 Relay, PC 133, 6F-3B, 8.8V DC, Reed Follower, BR930. (Repair Only) R085/002270 Repair of Relay Contactor CPTE Illum Sign* slow release and acting, 6 front 6 back, 50V, style ZS 260, slow acting

0088/033720 Miniature Plug-In, DC BR Type Contactor, DC Biased, AC Immune, 24V, 2HF, 2 Front 2 Back. 0088/035527 Convertor 12/25 OR 50V PC230 0088/035528 Convertor 12/50VDC PC229 0088/038107 Generator Plug-In ZT 4642 0088/043857 Relay, Twin, Line, Miniature, Plug-In, Slow Release, 50V, 5F 3B R/H, 5F 3B L/H, Reg Code 1046 0088/044007 Relay, Time Element, Miniature, Plug- In, DC, 50V, 1F 2B, 30 - 120 SECS, “To Have Araldite Nu (Dyed Blue) Contact Stack Spacers”, Style PTT1. 0088/044047 Relay 4F4B2HF CONT 50V PC163 (R&R) 0088/044060 Relay 4F4B ZS101/1 PC271 #* 0088/044086 Relay Time Element, Miniature Plug- In, DC, 50V, 1F 1B, 30-120 Secs, PC 254, Style 41M06. 0088/044093 Miniature Plug-In, DC, Pin code 142 0088/044123 Time Element, Miniature Plug-In, DC, 50V, 1F-1B, 5-15 Secs, Style 41M10, PC 259 0088/044124 Relay, Miniature Plug-In, DC-BR Type, Lamp Proving, Style 32M01, 4 Front 4 Back, 50V, 0.84 Amps, Pin Code 256. 0088/044127 Miniature Plug-In Relay, DC-BR Type, Lamp Proving, 0.23 Amps, 8 Front 4 Back, 50V, Pin Code 257. 0088/044168 Miniature Plug-In Relay, Lamp Proving, DC, 0.2 AMP, 4F-2B, Style QN3, Pin Code 042 0088/044172 Relay 2HF4F4B ZU161 PC164 #* 0088/044176 Relay 6F2B TWIN ZN562PC339 #* 0088/044178 Relay 8F4B ZQ302 PC075 #* 0088/044179 Relay, PC 015, 12N-4R, 50V DC, Line Polarised, Mag Stick, Style ZJ561. 0088/044229 Relay, Contactor, Miniature, Plug- In, DC, BR Type, DC BIASED, AC IMMUNE, 4F 2B, 0.125A, REG CODE 086 0088/044248 Miniature Relay Plug-In, DC-BR Type, 0088/044254 Relay 6F1B 50V ZL 561PC297# 0088/044288 Relay 6F3B 32M04 PC458 #* 0088/044305 Relay, 4F4B, LP 0.42A, 32M09 #* 0088/044322 Relay, Miniature Plug-In DC, BR Type, 4F2B, 0.9 AMPS, PIN CODE 089, STYLE QN3. 0088/044323 Miniature Plug-In Relay, Neutral Line, DC-BR Type, Twin, 50V, 4F 4B RH 4F 4B LH, Reg Code 058 0088/044333 Relay 12F4B Mini MAG PC011* 0088/044334 Relay 4F4B Mini 50V PC292#* 0088/044592 MIniature Plug-In, DC-BR Type Point Contacts, 2 MB 2 MF, 80V, Style ZU 5901, Snubing, Pin Code 169. 0088/044604 Relay TWIN 50V ZK262 PC323#* 0088/044608 Miniature Plug-In, DC-BR Type, Time elements, 2 Front 1 Back, 50V, 15-30 Secs, Style 41 M37, Pin code 118. 0088/044610 Impulse Timer, miniature Plug-In, DC, 10 Steps, 50V, 1F 1B, Reg code 139, all ZT1661 to be converted to ZT1663 0088/044611 Miniature Relay Plug-In, magnetically latched, SGE style ZG 351, 24V, 8F/4B 0088/044612 Magnetically latched miniature Plug- In, DC-BR Type, 11 FRONT 4 BACK, 24V, STYLE ZG 551. 0088/044613 Magnetically latched miniature Plug- In, DC-BR Type, 11 front 4 back, 24V, Style ZG 551, Pin Code 009. 0088/044614 Relay 8F4B M/Latch PC011#* 0088/044615 Relay 11F4B MINI 50V PC011* 0088/044620 Relay 8F L/PROV 31M04PC231#* Time Elements, 1 Front 1 Back, Style 41M07, 50V, 60-180 Secs, Pin Code 255.

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