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Cat Number 0087/039177 Videcom VM9302 TOPS VDU. 0087/039178 Videcom VM9013 CRS VDU. 0087/039180 Videcom VM9825 Apollo VDU. 0087/039188 Videcom VM9569 PBM Keyboard. 0087/039189 Videcom VM9536 AXIS Keyboard. 0087/039192 Videcom VM7713 TDU-SP Power Supply Unit. 0087/039193 Videcom VM7855 TDU-SB High Level Management Card. 0087/039194 Videcom VM0229 1MB RAM Memory Card. 0087/039199 Videcom VM7833 TDU-SP Power Supply Unit. 0087/039200 Videcom VM7667 Switched Buffer Card. 0087/039201 Videcom VM7711 CEU Communication Buffer Card. 0087/039203 Videcom VM0427 TDU-SB Fallback Auto Changeover Unit. 4 • Telecommunications & Radios 188 Unipart Rail Infrastructure Catalogue TelEcomms & radioS Cat Number Time Slot Sharing Units Cat Number Description 0082/208014 Keltek AW013000 Line Proctection Card. (Repair only) 0082/998737 Modicom TSSU CIU PCB. 0087/037413 Keltek Remote Shelf. 0087/037414 Keltek 4W Connectorised Line Cable. 0087/037415 Keltek Remote Interface Unit Complete With Lightening Protection. 0087/037416 Keltek Control Interface Unit (CIU). 0087/037417 Keltek Remote Interface Unit (RIU). 0087/037418 Keltek Lightening Protection Card. Videcom Equipment Cat Number Description 0082/208817 Videcom EPC Card. 0082/208818 Videcom EDM Card. (Repair only) 0087/039002 Videcom VM9535 TOPS Keyboard. 0087/039003 Videcom VM9513 CRS Keyboard. 0087/039004 Videcom VM8216 Power & Scan Card. 0087/039005 Videcom VM8890 Universal Display Logic Card (UDLC). 0087/039006 Videcom VM8224 Video Drive Card.

Weatherproof Telephones


Cat Number


0050/557782 GAI-Tronics Titan telephone (Armoured) 028-02-2940-641 0087/037886 GAI-Tronics Auto 720 Telephone, Extensible (Repair only)

0087/039204 Videcom VM8764 V24 64K Communication Card. 0087/039205 Videcom VM0438 V11 64K Communication Card. 0087/039206 Videcom VM7980 8 Port Cluster Control Unit. 0087/039207 Videcom VM8857 16 Port Terminal Cluster Control UN.

0087/037914 GAI-Tronics 028-02-2790-651 Titan Telephone, CB, Grey With Armoured Steel Handset Cord 0087/037915 GAI-Tronics Telephone Titan, CB,

Loop Calling, Weatherproof, C/W Moulded Polycarbonated Handset & Extensible Cord, Goose Grey 

0087/037921 GAI-Tronics Public Access Help Point Telephone, 2 Buttons Smart (Information and Emergency), Yellow, 181w X3521 x 48d

0087/039227 Videcom VM8857 16 Port Terminal Cluster Control UN. 0087/039229 Videcom VM9013/03 CRS VDU. 0087/039230 Videcom VM9302/03 Tops VDU.

0087/037926 GAI-Tronics Titan Telephone, CB, Yellow, 0 button, steel cord 0087/037927 GAI-Tronics Telephone Titan, CB,

0087/039233 Videcom 3EDC 0357/06 Epic Drive Card. 0087/039321 Videcom VM8857 16 Port Terminal Cluster Control Un.

Loop Calling, Weatherproof, C/W Moulded Polycarbonated Handset & Extensible Curled Cord, Yellow

Video 50


0082/208997 Philips FSK MK11 RX PCB. (Repair only)

Video 80

0087/037961 GAI-Tronics Titan Illuminated

Telephone, Single Button, For level crossing (AHB) with (PETS), Yellow (V3)


0082/998739 Philips CBP Video 80 PCB.

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