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Cat Number 4 • Telecommunications & Radios 184 Unipart Rail Infrastructure Catalogue Cat Number 0087/037403 STC 25USG00722DLD PMUX Exchange Card. 0087/037405 STC 25USQ00722DJY PMUX 2/4W Vf Card.

0087/029907 Arrestor 3-Point Telecoms Lightning Arrestor, For Use With Mondragon Terminals. 0087/037942 Kit Sheath Gap. Tyco Part. Gap-100- 55/12

0087/037412 STC 32UPB00302DBW PMUX Signalling Exchange Card. 0087/040422 EPM 08 Hand Held PCM Monitor. 0087/040424 EPM 09 Hand Held PCM Monitor.

Display Systems



Cat Number


0082/998559 Vultron Controller. 0087/060002 Vultron LN1429 25 Character Lcd Display Line.

0082/998560 Plantronic Supra Headset.



Cat Number



0082/208803 Telesign TM5 Driver PCB. 0082/998561 Telesign TM105 Driver PCB. 0082/998562 Telesign TM1 0229-OIC PCB. 0082/998563 Telesign TT2B Power Supply Unit.

0087/000480 Link With -30db Monitor Port, Link Hdc43/10b 0087/002948 Label, White Plastic, For Use With Label Holder Designation Strip 53a (87/3961), 15mm Width 0087/003935 Enclosure Splice For 87/3933 Fist- Gc02 For Fibre Optic Cable Splicing 0087/003938 Heatshrink Extended Length, For Fibre Optic Cable Splicing 0087/004337 Kit Fibre Termination Small Box Installation, 0087/004352 Enclosure Fist - Gco2 Splice Enclosure. (Part Of Fist Generic Closure Organiser). 0087/004355 Heatshrink Extended Length Heatshrink, (Part Of Fist Generic Closure Organiser). 0087/004358 Kit Optical Fibre, The Straight - Joint Closure Kit, (Includes Oval Port Sealing Kit), (Part Of Fist Generic Closure Organiser). Part No Cf-Fc6- 24-6-Dj-T 0087/004361 Assembly Fist-Sosa2-4-Se-S Tray Sub, For Internal Small Fibre Enclosures. 0087/004365 Splice Tray 0087/004367 Strain Relief Device (Ensto) With Double-D Washer 0087/004368 Adapter Single Mode Connector Adapter For Sc/Apc. 0087/004371 Box Small Fibre Termination Box With Patch Panel, For Internal Small Fibre Enclosures. 0087/004373 Bracket Fist-Gb2 Strain Relief Bracket, For Internal Small Fibre Enclosures. 0087/004803 Gland Seal Gland For 24 Off Pigtails/


Cat Number


0082/208002 A.P TX (C) 8/1 Transmitter Control. 0082/208003 A.P PAU 2005 Power Amplifier. 0082/208022 Kenton Laboratories 226A MK1 Amplifier Module. 0082/208029 Ericson MD110 EL41. 0082/208033 XET389133 Rec Mux Unit. 0082/208847 Keltek TRA Mod AS-44. 0082/208966 ESP Trauciuer Transmitter PCB. 0082/208996 Infomat 1/0565 CPU. 0082/211968 GPT VTB100040 Power Supply Unit. 0082/211975 BR Carrier PCB. 0082/222906 Standard Hardlock Self Locking M33 Nut (Repair only) 0082/222912 Infomat Ocp 90-4017. (Repair only) 0082/222927 Electrone Track Ball. 0082/222928 Incaa Pit AB-7-0900. 0082/222941 Solari Flap Control Sbc. 0082/222943 Interquarter 9825 Handset. 0082/222950 ECS Fan Tray. 0082/222956 LIC Audio Deaf Aid Loop Amplifier. 0082/998570 Motan M2 EPAW9200212 PCB. 0082/998571 Motan L2 EPAW9200311 PCB. 0082/998572 Modular Power Amplifier Driver. 0082/998573 Miter 9110-110 8 Circuit Line PCB. 0082/998574 Krone ZE/V24 PCB. 0082/998575 Krone USS 6412/3/500/00K5/4 Unit. 0082/998576 Krone STR PCB. 0082/998577 Krone P10-TR/E PCB. 0082/998578 Krone 40 Way Motor PCB. 0082/998579 Jasmin Display MK2 PCB. 0082/998580 Jasmin BVS EDA T206 Amplifier. 0082/998581 ISCN002A. 0082/998582 Nokia TU21231.2 Line PCB. 0082/998583 Plessey 1910 STP Lamp Interface. 0082/998584 Infomat Bem. 0082/998585 Plessey 2012 Interface PCB. 0082/222978 A.P Microphone. 0082/998568 Krone CPU PCB. 0082/998569 Newbury Video Gate.

0087/037406 STC 32UPB00302DEE PMUX E & M 16 Channel Card.

0087/037409 STC 25UTJ00722DFY PMUX G703 Co-directional Card.

Patch Cords (For Pigtail/Patch Cord With Maximum Of 3mm). For Internal Small Fibre Enclosures.

0087/004804 Patch Cable Gland 0087/004805 Fist Incoming Cable Gland 0087/007525 Cabinet Xncr Trackside Cabinet

TelEcomms & radioS

Only. May Be Used To Provide An Ip55 Non-Climate Controlled Trackside Accommodations For Telecommunications Copper Cable Terminations On Approved Termination Practices. Austin Taylor Part. Cab-Xc1-55/3

0087/037410 STC 25UTJ00722DLF PMUX X21/X24/ X27 Data Card.

0087/007528 Box (Bop) Box On Post Only. 0087/007529 Post Trackside Enclosure Post Only, 0087/007530 Cab-Base-Lstp Base Concrete

Only Concrete Only, For Trackside Enclosures, For Use On Remedial Or Life Extension Works Only, (Used To Replace Existing Life Expired Or Damaged Trackside Termination Enclosures On Existing Cabling Infrastructure).

0087/037411 STC 32UPB00302DEZ PMUX Signalling Subscriber Card.

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