Infrastructure Catalogue


R087/029499 Repair of GP300 Radio R087/029500 Repair of Brunel Radio R087/030001 Repair of GP320 Radio R087/030002 Repair of GP340 Radio Accessories


Call Connect Systems

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Cab Secure R087/029204 Repair of Cab Secure Control Head

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0082/000055 Philips Sopho K260. 0082/000058 Philips Sopho D266.

0082/000061 Philips Sopho K365 Terminal. 0082/000069 Protowire CW628/10 Card. 0082/000076 Philips 261 Terminal. 0082/208852 Wyatt CB Line Unit. 0082/208871 A.P TIU 2251 Telephone Module. (Repair only) 0082/208872 A.P TIU 2297 Magneto Module. (Repair only) 0082/218000 SPT 102831/24 Selective Relay Set. 0082/222715 Rotadata Solid State Ringing Unit 75W. 0082/998485 Philips Sopho K8/12 PCB. 0082/998486 SPT 501LEU3480-01 W67 Selective Relay Set. 0082/998487 Rhapsody Mu D308 F03. 0082/998488 STC Selective Cabin Set. 0082/998489 Sterdy CB Card. 0082/998490 Cellular 1C02A029 SX GSM Phonecell. 0082/998491 A.P TIU 2298 SSR Module. 0082/998492 LCT C.B Card. 0082/998493 Philips Sopho K24/824. 0087/037127 Philips 9504 050 45110 Sopho K1 Central Unit. 0087/037148 T2579/RM3/N 2 Metre Pre Terminated 50 Ohm BNC Cable. 0087/037171 British Telecom 250/5 Modular Connection Box. 0087/037192 Philips 9504 050 47300/02 Sopho K2 Central Control Unit. 0087/037195 Philips 9504 036 99000/2/3 Sopho K2 Telephone Terminal. 0087/037262 Philips 9504 301 10010/14/15 Sopho D163 Business Terminal. 0087/037460 GPT BPC906 16 Channel Line Extension Card. 0089/020011 Pember NWT83026/13 Common Service 2 Unit. 0089/020012 Pember NWT83026/6 CB Unit. 0089/020013 Pember NWT83026/10 Keypad Unit. (Repair only) 0089/020014 Pember NWT83026/8 Common Service 1 Unit. 0089/020015 Pember NWT83026/4 Auto Exchange Unit. (Repair only) 0089/020016 Pember NWT83026/2 Magneto Unit. (Repair only) 0089/020017 Pember NWT83026 Concentrator Case. (Repair only)

0087/029501 Battery for Brunel/GP300 0087/030004 Battery for GP320/GP340

R087/029307 Repair of Cab Secure Radio (Yellow Spot) R098/071575 Repair of Cab Secure Radio (Red Spot) NRN

R087/029502 Repair of Single Charger for Brunel/ GP300

4 • Telecommunications & Radios TelEcomms & radioS

R087/028968 Repair of Storno 6000 Radio

R087/029503 Repair of Six Way Charger for Brunel/ GP300


R087/028974 Repair of Storno 6000 Control Head

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Handheld Radios

0087/029410 Antenna Cable 0087/029411 PSU/Handset Cable 0087/029412 Control Head Cable 0087/029413 RETB Cable

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R015/012317 Repair of DSD Vigilante Unit R015/012319 Repair of DRA Push Button R015/012320 Repair of DSD Foot Pedal R015/012321 Repair of DSD Buzzer R015/012425 Repair to ESCU

R087/028015 Repair of DTR 2430 Radio

0089/027068 Protowire CW528/2/26 Auto Module. 0089/027069 Protowire CW528/1-24 Magneto Module.

R083/001483 Repair of 110V Power Supply (Type - 95/978)

R087/028016 Repair of DTR 2450 Radio

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