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Unipart Rail Infrastructure Catalogue

0086/044026 Track CCT Lead, 50/0.25mm x 30m Long.

086/046803 Spare Battery For Use With Hilti X-BT 4000a Drill (0094/019087).

0094/019093 X-BT M10-24-6 SN12-R, M10

Stainless Steel Threaded Stud For Use With Hilti Dx Tools.

0086/044100 Track CCT Lead, Aster U/SF15 & TI21, 70mm 2 x 4.8m Long.

0086/046805 Piston (X-351 BT P 1024) For Use With Hilti DX 351 BT Powder Actuated Tool (0094/019092)

0094/019094 Track Circuit Installation Kit: X-Bt Set For M10 And M6 Fastenings. Kit Contains 1 Dx 351 BT

1 • Signalling signalling

Powder Actuated Fastening Tool (0094/019092), 1 XBT 4000a Cordless Drill (0094/019087), 1 Charger (0086/046804), 2 Off Batteries (0086/046803), 1 Information Sheet, 1 BT Cleaning Kit, 1 Lubricant, 3 Operating Instructions, Supplied In An Impact Resistant Box


0086/044149 Galvanised Steel Bond wire x 1.67M Long, 113kg/km. Supplied In Bundles Of 25kg. Please Note-Item is priced per kg and orders are fulfilled in multiples of 25kg.

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0086/088261 Stake For Trackside Equipment, 1370mm Long - BRS-SM 104/20A.

0050/559567 Adjustable Track Capacitor, AC3624M1. Nexus Only 0086/043406 Shunt Box Tester. 0086/043760 Capacitor Adjustable Track Circuit Tuning Capacitor With Discharge Switch, For 50hz Ac Track Circuits. AC3669M1 0086/043761 Resistor Discharge Resistor, For 50hz Ac Track Circuits. 0086/043840 Interconnection Cable Units. 0086/081338 Cable USB To Serial Adaptor Cable,

Digital Rx Port To Laptop, For Use With EBI Track 200 Track Monitoring Software (Pc Application), To Be Ordered With 0086/031339. Extension Cable - Male - Female. (Farnell 1279585 Or Videk 3070-3) To Be Used With EBI Track 200 PC Application : EBI Track Monitor S/W. (To Be Ordered With 0086/081338)

0094/019087 X-BT 4000A Drill

0086/046801 Stud For Use With Hilti DX Tools. X-BT M6-24-6 SN12-R, M6 Stainless Steel

0086/081339 Digital RX Serial Port 3 Metre

0086/095000 Lucas Pulse RX - 40V. 0086/095001 Lucas Pulse TX - 40V. 0088/024365 WBS Frequency Discriminator - 75Hz. (Repair only) 0088/024548 WBSfrequency Static Invertor - 110V 50Hz & 83 1/3Hz. R040/005450 Repair of Shunt Box Universal Track Circuit

0094/019088 TX-BT 4/7-80 Step Drill Bit

0086/046802 Brown Cartridges - 6,8/11m For Use With Hilti DX Tools.

0094/019092 DX 351 BT Powder Actuated Tool For M10 And M6 Fastenings.

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