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Unipart Rail Infrastructure Catalogue

0082/208829 WBS Piru Card (Red) (for repair use R082/208829) 0082/208842 TDM/WKR (points) PIRU Card (Black). 0082/208916 Data Set Clock Card. 0082/208917 5V Pull-up Resistor Card. 0082/208977 Minature Relay Card. (Repair only) 0082/208978 Data Output Card (DOP) Type 06. (Repair only) 0082/208982 Data Input Card (DIP) Type 07. 0082/208983 Highway Filter Alarm Card. 0082/208989 Data Output Card (DOP) Type 04. (Repair only) 0082/208995 Monitor Card B. 0082/998437 Override Unit. (Repair only) 0082/998438 TDM/COR (changeover) PIRU Card(blue). 0082/998439 Data Input Card (DIP) Type 08. 0082/998440 Data Output Card (DOP) Type 05. 0082/998441 Data Input Card (DIP) Type 04. 0082/998442 Data Input Card (DIP) Type 09. 0082/998443 Data Output Card (DOP) Type 02. 0082/998444 Data Input Card (DIP) Type 10. 0088/020226 Power Supply Unit. (Repair only) 0088/026700 Line Connection Unit Type 1. (Repair only) 0088/026730 Data Input Card (DIP) Type 05. 0088/026731 Data Input Card (DIP) Type 06. 0088/026733 Data Output Card (DOP) 0088/026755 Highway Filter Alarm. 0088/026783 Data Output Card (DOP) 0088/027067 Dual Alarm Monitoring Unit. 0088/027070 Data Input Card (DIP) 0088/028802 XG1611 Over-ride Unit. R082/208830 WBS Piru Card (Green) (Repair only) R088/027067 Repair to ALARM DUAL W/H SC045620 #* R088/027068 Repair to PSU Single Westinghouse 211252/1#*

0086/000201 Unit Surge Protection Part No. ESP 06E 0086/000552 Varistor Surge Protector, Lightning Protection For T/J Sets 0086/000553 Unit Surge Protection Unit Max Rating 58v Peak To Peak. ESP50D 0086/000593 Arrester (b/bnd) Mo Valve 26A. SL1026A275 0086/000594 Arrester (Y/bnd) mo valve 26B. SL1026A400 0086/000595 Arrester (R/BND) MO VALVE 26C. SL1026A700 0086/020050 Sleeve Insulating For Type SL1026- 275 Surge Arrestor 0086/023410 ESP CCTV/B Protector Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Video Line, With BNC Connection. ESP CCTV/B 0086/024800 4 Way Surge Protector, Pin Code 185 - BRS-SE 145. 0086/043989 Unit Protection Esp Unit: Furse ESP110Q 0086/047058 Lightning Protection Module Protec 110v, Type ESP SSI/120AC 0086/047059 Module Lightning Protection, Type SO65, 140v. ESP SSI/140AC 0086/047066 Surge Protector Module. ESP-SSI-M 0086/047067 Surge Protector Module - Base Only. ESP-SSI-B 0086/047149 Device Power Trans Protection Power Transient Protection Device (PTPD). ESP 240 MI 0086/047164 SSI Isolating Surge Protection. 0086/047165 Surge Protection Module, MOV, 650v rating, Suppression Level 2kv. RTM 150/650 0086/047166 Surge Protection Module, SAD, 140v rating, Suppression Level 400v. RTM 12/140 0086/047167 Surge Protection Module, SAD, 110v rating, Suppression Level 330v. RTM 12/110 0088/015354 Surge Protection Unit. Entrelec XUK 000330 0094/020033 Unit, Test, Portable, For Furse ESP SSI/M Surge Protection Units

Time Division Multiplexing

Ap Electronics

Cat Number


0082/208031 L.A.U. Line & Alarm Unit. 0082/998415 TX (m) CH-05 Transmitter Modem. 0082/998416 TX (m) CH-02 Transmitter Modem. 0082/998417 Power Supply Unit 12V 1A. 0082/998418 TX (m) 1560Hz Transmitter Modem. 0082/998419 RX (m) CH-05 Receiver Modem. 0082/998420 TX (e) 16/1 Transmitter Extender. 0082/998421 RX (m) CH-03 Receiver Modem. (Repair only) 0082/998422 RX (m) CH-02 Receiver Modem. 0082/998423 RX (c) 8/1 Receiver Control. 0082/998424 RX (m) CH-04 Receiver Modem. 0082/998425 TX (m) CH-04 Transmitter Modem.

1 • Signalling signalling

0082/208987 RX (e) 16/1 Receiver Extender. (Repair only)

Ml Digicable

Cat Number


0082/998430 RX Terminator Model C. 0082/998431 TX Model C. 0082/998432 RX Model B. 0082/998433 TX Extender Model C. 0082/998434 TX Terminator Model B. 0082/998435 Power Supply. 0082/998436 RX Extender Model B.


Cat Number


0086/000592 Arrester Mount, 3 Electrode, 2 Wire Base Type 16 & 26 Surge Arrestors. SL1053B

0082/208830 TDM/PBPR PIRU Card (Green).

For telecode system refer to our product bulletin - http://www.

WBS - 69/69vf

Cat Number


0082/027065 Alarm Monitoring Unit. (Repair only) 0082/208025 Binary Data Set Transmitter Card. 0082/208026 Binary Data Set Receiver Card. 0082/208070 Register Relay Card. (Repair only) 0082/208073 Data Input Card (DIP) Type 01. (Repair only) 0082/208074 Data Output Card (DOP) Type 01. (Repair only) 0082/208081 Data Input Card (DIP) Type 03. 0082/208824 Data Output Card (DOP) Type 03. (Repair only) 0082/208825 Data Input Card (DIP) Type 02. 0082/208827 Monitor Card A. 0082/208828 Address Generator Card.

0088/027068 Single Power Supply Unit.

0088/000453 Surge Arrestor Complete Assembly for 50Hz AC Track Circuits

WBS - S2

Cat Number


0082/208038 Data Input Card (DIP) Type 01. (Repair only) 0082/208039 Data Input Card (DIP) Type 02. (Repair only) 0082/208040 Data Input Card (DIP) Type 03. (Repair only)

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